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Residential, Day and Community Based Parenting Assessments

The Orchards specialises in assessments of young vulnerable parents and their children where there are child protection concerns

Specialist Assessments of Parents with Learning Disabilities

We offer assessments of parents with Learning Disabilities using the Learning Curves Assessment Tools. We also work closely with agencies in supporting parents with Learning Disabilities throughout the assessment process

Assessment of Parents with Substance Misuse Issues

At The Orchards we have Lead Assessors who specialise in the fields of substance misuse and addiction. Alongside the assessment we offer a psycho-social substance misuse program aimed at helping parents understand their addiction

Key Work Sessions

The key worker undertakes daily observations and monitoring of care tasks alongside key work sessions on key topics. Including daily observation and supervision in the community

The Orchards is a residential family centre offering residential, day and community based parenting assessments.

In addition we offer a package of support, monitoring, parenting and intervention programmes aimed at promoting the parenting capacity of young, vulnerable parents.

Our aim is to offer assessment and monitoring in a child-centred safe environment within a local community setting.


The Orchards offers individual and couple counselling by qualified counsellors as part of the intervention process

Baby Massage

Baby Massage sessions are offered at the Orchards. The sessions are held weekly and are of one hour duration. Once the parent or carer is familiar with the technique and sequence they can adapt it to their own needs

Parenting Classes and Play Skills Training

This programme is based on Social Learning Theory and offers a constructive, non-judgmental, one to one approach that looks at the interaction between the parent and child

Life Skills for Self Development

The aim of the programme is to enhance the coping mechanism and to develope the independent living skills of parents


Assessments of vulnerable expectant mothers where the Local Authority have identified risks and child protection concerns


Specialist assessments of parents with Learning Disabilities


We offer a psycho, social programme for parents who have substance misuse issues